Our Services

Pippa riding Spooks at Purston
Spooks at Purston

Backing and Breaking In

Pippa and her team have developed great expertise in working with young horses, our sole aim being to lay strong foundations for long term success with happy, healthy horses.

Each horse has a tailor-made plan to bring the best out of them with a calming, positive, professional approach.

Pippa backs both her own and horses for other people.

Schooling Livery

Our fields

This also branches out to horses who need some schooling in any discipline, whatever their age or experience. When space permits, we can help a horse progress generally, or help in a particular area and work on a specific issue.

Pippa realises that not all horses are suited to Eventing and so produces and focuses each horse to their strengths whichever discipline this may be.

Please feel free to contact the stables with any enquiries or to talk over any of the above services.